Free Plans for ANY Size Cabinet

Hi everyone - it has been a while since I posted here. I have moved to a larger machine, but I still check and love this community. I thought this was relevant here considering the pro - but also because of the tiling feature. I designed and released a fully parametric cabinet model in Fusion 360. It allows you to choose the depth, the height, the width, the number of bottom and top drawers, and a host of other options to create whatever size lower cabinet (with drawers) you need. This was designed from the ground up for CNC. This is the first of several models I am releasing. I have drafts of uppers, of double units, units with doors and shelves, etc. But I want to nail this model first so I can use it to base the others on. I hope to build a small community around this project of makers, and fusion experts, with the hope that any cabinet job can be done using a free option on the cnc. I would love some feedback, or love anyone interested to join the small group I made for this project. I think as is, this would be fine for any shop or closet install. I think before we get to baths and kitchens, we would need to add face frame options, trim, custom doors, etc. But that all should be easier with a base to start from. I would love to see something done on the pro, or even better the traditional 1000mm. Cheers!


What an amazing project! To be honest, I’ve never thought about doing cabinets on my CNC before. Not that I didn’t believe it could be done, but seemed way out of my league. After watching your video this looks like it would be a fun to try.

I took my time on that first build measuring and checking… I could have built it faster with a table and jigsaw. But once I finished I think I could knock out two a day easy. This would be no problem with a pro, but I wish I still had my xcarve 1000mm. I would love to test the tiling option on that. I think it would be amazing for someone to do their kitchen with a desktop CNC…

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing Tim.

Dude! Wish I had a 4x8 sized CNC. Nice project and thanks for sharing!

That is a really nice share, thank you Tim!
The parametric possibilities in F360 are really powerful and fun to play around with, though I only dabble :wink:

I want a larger CNC…!

I don’t think you need a larger one. If tiling doesn’t work you could pre CNC alignment holes to slide the piece…

I do as I dont have a Xcarve, only 350x400mm on Y/X :sweat_smile:
Longest piece I have done though is about 2050mm long, speaker cabinet front baffle :slight_smile: