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I have the after free trial, free account. I have seen during ch king settings that I have four days per month to access some or all the Pro functions/ options.
But, I see the after 21/07/2020 the above is not available to new members.
I joined in 2021. I have yet to find if or how many free days I am allowed.

The easel basic is always free. For new account holders you should receive a 30 trial period of the pro version. Afterwards you will need to purchase the subscription to continue using the pro features. You will not receive any days free per month since you account was created after that cutoff date


Thanks for the info….
Which leaves me confused!
A few weeks back while going through the account, I saw the fee days bit and decided to take one of the four I seemed to have! I have a screen shot that advises, I have 3 free days remaining! Not found a way to add the screenshot.

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this button to add a photo

If it’s showing 3 of 4 then you have the grandfathered in account with the 4 days per month.
To use one you, just try to use a pro feature (like add a v bit and try to click carve) and you should get a prompt asking if you want to use one of them.

I believe you can also use one by going to the accounts or options tab (select the easel icon at the top right, or on the initial screen when easel loads up… select the account tab… or maybe its under the options tab) i’m not positive on this method though

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Thanks for the info, appreciated.

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