Free - you pay shipping

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I purchased the x-carve upgrade. I really only needed the x-controller and solid X axis. What’s left is:

  • Side Board (for 1000x1000 machine)
  • Z-Probe

I have no use for either sooo… anyone who wants these are welcome to them. I hate to have them just sitting here. You can go here to see what they entail. I never even removed them from the packaging.

I am not selling them. I am GIVING them to a someone in need. All you do is pay shipping (I am thinking maybe $30-$40 I guess). Just email me that you want it and are willing to paypal the shipping costs and I’ll send them on.

I don’t have a use for the side-board because I built my own table to hold the x-carve with the x-controller mounted below it. And I don’t need the Z-Probe since I purchased the Triquetra.

This is first come first serve. I will endevour to get the actuall shipping costs once I find out your shipping address.

I’d like to get rid of these together but if I don’t have a home for the pair by the end of the day I’ll send them individually.

PLEASE PM ME. No need to reply here unless you have a comment to share with others :slight_smile:

Items have been shipped… thanks for the interest!


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