Fried Controller Board (will make you think twice to run your machine unattended)

Has anyone else ever had their x-controller literally fry a chip somehow?

I haven’t used my machine a lot since getting it as I suffered a near fatal heart attack in 2018. We took on major orders for mother’s day and were just starting them when our controller wouldn’t reply. It turns on but wouldn’t connect.

Took it apart and saw fried board inside.

There was soot on the ceiling lid.

Luckily I watch all my projects as they are made and even then we didn’t notice anything happen.

Either way am going to be out money or am I likely Getting it replaced due to being faulty?

Call Inventables. They’re usually responsive and helpful about these things.

I had this happen when I was first getting started. I was silly and moved the gantry by hand with the X-Controller powered on. That extra current caused the magic smoke to be released.

But @JustinBusby is right, I called Inventables and they sent me a replacement board— even though it was clearly my mistake.