From this to this? Different results for same operation overnight, what gives?

SO as it says, I cut this top one last night, got up and started the machine set another cap in my jig in the exact same place and got this messed up result. How is this possible? I regularly check the belts and they are not bad.

I’m guessing the grub screws on your pulleys shook loose.

The edges on the second one look smooth and regular, so it is not the typical belt slip or other mechanical issue. It almost looks like the size of the bit changed.

Yes I thought the same because the cut is too accurate for some kind of backslash. I think some kind of easel bug changed your outline from inside to on path or outside.

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Or … if the bit size did not change, then the toolpath changed from an inside cut to an outside cut.

Thank you for your replies. I dont think the belts or screws loosened overnight. I noticed the 2nd design is slightly elongated and the S is smaller so I checked to see if the cut had changed from inner to outer or center but did not seem to. I just redid the drawing and made it work, but that was strange.

It looks like an inside cut versus an outside cut.

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That’s why I use fusion 360 :slight_smile:
Export G-code once and use it multi times :wink: