Frustrated with inlay app

I’m trying to make a bunch of cutting boards and such with simple designs that I’d like to also make with inlays (i.e. walnut board, maple inlay). However, nearly every time I try to use the app, things just don’t seems to come out right and I’m left to try something else. Take this one I did last night, for example:

Even if I change to a wider bit, I simply can’t make this work right. I know most of my issue is probably lack of knowledge, but the app (as it stands) seems terribly limited. Would appreciate anyone’s help. Thanks!

inlay generator app is for use with endmills, not Vbits. however you have a Vbit selected as the bit for this Easel Project. Possibly this is the issue.
Easel is not configured to generate correct Inlay designs for use with Vbits.

To create this for use with a Vbit you’d need a bunch of math and or a different software.

Took a look at the Easel inlay app & was not impressed, tho you can make it work. Niel Ferrera (hope I got the speeling right) described a very simple method for inlays using Easel and a v bit. I have only done this using a 60 deg vbit, but see no reason that it would not work using any vbit angle.
Use your vbit to carve the pocket, then mirror the pocket file set the z height and run the file,with the same vbit, for the same depth of cut as your pocket, then reset the Z height to -minus 2mm and run it again, If your spindle will handle the load you can skip the first carve on the plug and go straight to negative 2mm (or 3mm or 4mm). If you cut the plug too aggressively it is a simple matter to sand off the bottom of the plug a little at a time to get a snug fit. Once you try it a few times you will get the hang of it. Your pic shows a pretty complicated inlay, start out with something a little less detailed until you get it working for you.

@Devin2 : Thinking about your inlay, the only way you can get sharp corners on the inlay is to use a v bit as your straight cut router bit will leave a radius at the tip of the pocket.