Frustration and Bewilderment on the Road to an A Axis

A few months ago I had an exchange with @ErikJenkins about his addition of an X Axis to his x-carve.
My schtick, if you will, is attempting to carve replicas of works of antiquities,
and I like busts, so I thought adding an A Axis would be very enabling,
so I wrote a budget and started to pursue it.

The plan I ended up with was to:

  • buy the rotary axis itself from eBay, there are lots there
  • use a copy of Deskproto MultiAxis to write the g-code
  • buy a laptop with a copy of Mach 3 to use as a controller
  • buy a gecko-based control box to control it all

The last two steps are necessary as the x-carve controller / sw will not accept the G-ocde necessary to drive a rotary axis.

The real key appeared to me to be the control box: Erik had bought his from Dan @ Camtronics. When I went there the site was down, I got no email response, and I guess that Dan has retired and stopped making them?

SO I went looking for an alternate and found a guy on eBay that says he makes them:

Seemed like the right thing, so I started an email dialog. That was October 10.
we had a back and forth over specs and all, and at some point I got sent a link to a youtube video that showed a system in more detail:

I got a quote for a system that had the right number of ports, and all seemed perfectly on track.
Vince seemed to have a robust business, a good sign: you never eat sushi in an empty restaurant:

so I waited.

i pinged again in early November:

…and in early December:

and in early january:

Finally, in late January, this:

The video referenced was on a google drive and was made just for me:
had a voice over where he used my name, walked though the setup again.
I showed it to my wife, she was uber impressed.
A long wait I thought, but great outcome.
I sent the following message:

That was 2 weeks ago: no response.
I have sent a couple of additional pings: again no response.
I went to link the video to this message:
as you can see, it has disappeared.

I’m honestly confused by this behaviour.
I don’t understand why someone would string me along for 4 or 5 months,
make a video showing the finished product we agreed I would buy, and then disappear.

I’m posting this here for three reasons:

  1. Therapy: I need some help processing this. Hopefully one of you will be able to help me understand what is happening here.
  2. Warning: I think my message here is that this is not right, and I would avoid this vendor. It makes me sad to say that, but there you are
  3. Help: can anyone suggest an alternative vendor for a system like this? I would like to move forward, and the lack of supplier is holding me back.

Thanks for reading this little drama.
Any comments or help appreciated.

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That is truly unfortunate. I am sorry it has been such a pain, I have tried to contact Dan at Camtronics as well he seems to have disappeared (hopefully retired). I will look around to see what else is available…I had seen the same controllers on ebay from the seller you were dealing with. It is too bad he is not living up to what he is advertising.

Not your fault by a long shot, but I gratefully accept any tips you can provide.
It is interesting to me that this option is so difficult to achieve and I wonder why that is?

yeah, I just don’t get it.

so interesting, should have done this at the beginning:
Guy I am dealing with, his email is
People often have identities that are persistent, so I just googled it, and found this gem:

I think the story might be that he is buying these from somewhere, and then reselling them?
it’s just a weird sort of misrepresentation if he is doing that: why not just say so?

I guess I’m a little confused. If you are going to use Mach3 don’t you just need a parallel port breakout board to stepper motor signals and the stepper motor drivers?

Here is where I have purchased CNC components in the past and never had any issues with them. They even sell complete CNC stepper & servo controllers.