Full depth in first pass?

yes, you changed it to inches. There is a new stable build of ugcs up for download.

I’ll give the new build of UGS a try then!

i’d stick with 1.0.9 for now. there are bugs in the nightly builds

Well I tried 1.09 UGS but the issue remained, but I think I’ve figured it out. It’s this line in the gcode:
G1 Z3.810 F228.6
I did a little digging and this appears to be the Safety Height setting in easel. So… I’m not sure why easel generates this code at the beginning of the file before any other traveling begins. One would assume that the starting position would be the top of the material. Automatically dropping before moving to the beginning cut I’m sure breaks a lot of bits. Further, this was the default setting for a project where the deepest cut being made was only 2.5 mm. Lesson learned. Another problem is that the step over height of 3.8 mm is the minimum. You cannot set it to a lower setting. So, find the 0 setting for the top of the material, then raise the bit by 3.8 mm before sending the gcode.

Starting position is the top of the material. Easel then raises the bit to safety height before moving, safety being a positive value above the material. If this causes your machine yo lower the bit then your Z axis is reversed. Once at the start of the cut it should lower the Z to a negative number before cutting.

Not having access to easel is what caused this issue. One day I hope there will be support for other operating systems.