Fusion 360, 3D Carve questions

So I successfully did my first 3D carve. Toolpaths are rough with just a 1/8" flat endmill for detail. I did adaptive clearing with a 1" then opposing parallel paths for the detail.

My issue was that after the adaptive clearing pass getting the z axis set on the next pass was interesting. Luckily I had a scrap cut from the original stock that I could use, but if that wasn’t the case I’d have been in trouble.

Are there tricks to this or settings in Fusion that would have set the z-home for the next pass as the top of the adaptive clearing hollow out?

I think there is a way that can be done but what i do is have your original piece that you have clamped up to be oversized. Then you can touch off somewhere where the stock is still there and use a profile pass to cut it out.

Yes, set z zero to the bottom of the stock, not the top. This is assigned in the setup.

See how :point_down:

Great video. In Easel with manual work zero setting, I don’t think we can set the Z 0 first then set the x/y zero like your software did. I’m guessing the work around would be to have the stock in fusion be slightly larger than what we’ll actually be cutting out of so that we can set that 0 to say just outside the bottom left of the actual stock. Sound logical?

Yes, if your using easel or the gcode sender (i don’t see why you would as you can use UGS or OpenBuilds and get so many additional features that Easel lacks, one of which is independent axis zeroing)

Sorry I got off track a little bit there. In Easel you can set X,Y zeros and then move the cnc to off of the board and set z zero to the Wasteboard surface >>> IF you turn on probing.
You don’t actually have to probe, you’ve just got to turn on probing in the machine setup, then you get 2 separate prompts, one for setting X,Y and then a second screen for setting Z Zero and this 2nd screen would allow you to probe or manually set Z zero to whatever area you like, whether that is the top of the board in an uncut section, or to the wasteboard.

IF you don’t turn on probing AND you don’t want to use a different gcode sender, then
yes, you method will work.

Oh yeah… I could probe the z away then have it use last x/y as long as I home the machine between stages.

I haven’t explored other gcode senders yet as I’ve had the machine about 8 weeks. Trying to minimize the changes as I go so I don’t have to debug multiple changes at once :slight_smile:

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