Fusion 360 CAM post-processors

I have been experimenting a bit with some designs in Fusion 360, and playing around with a combination of Easel and gSender for running the resulting jobs.

I have a few questions about which post-processor is recommended.

The docs send you to the following for a post processor:

It also appears that Inventables are actively maintaining official post processors hosted directly at Autodesk.

The current post processors at Autodesk are very similar, and both substantially different from the one hosted on Zendesk.

So the questions:

  1. Should we be using the post-processors hosted on Autodesk?
  2. Is the ‘X-Carve’ post-processor hosted at Autodesk also suitable for the XCP when not using Easel?


ARE you using Easel?

Yes. I have used it for anything designed in Easel and for designs in Fusion that have just a few operations.

I wouldn’t use Easel to send Fusion gcode. If you use a different post processor, you can include G2 and G3 arc commands which can improve streaming and prevent buffer issues.

I’m probably going to stick with gSender for Fusion gcode and use Easel for designs authored there, and cabinetmaker when I work up to it

FWIW, I ran a couple of jobs this weekend that were created in Fusion, exported with the x-carve post hosted at Autocad and controlled with gSender. Everything seemed just fine.