Fusion 360 CAM

I have a question for the Fusion experts here.

I have a box model I am cutting out of a stock block. After profiling the box, is there a way to hide or delete the leftover stock so I have a better view of my part for following operations?

How have you modelled your box, screen shot?

I am no F360 expert but use it frequently.

So i want to do a profile cut, then somehow delete the leftover stock so I have a better view of the side. This would be very useful in checking my 2nd setup toolpaths. Hope it makes sense :wink:

I dont define my stock in the Model enviroment, only under Manufacture (CAM) and Setup/Stock ref my image attachment.

yeah same here

i just want the excess trimmed or hidden so i can better see the 2nd setup operations.
here’s what I have now (don’t mind the obvious errors). As you can see the leftover stock is in the way.

so I cheated a little now and reduced the size of the stock so it’s just a few mm larger than the part. This way there’s no more leftover stock in my way after the profiling cut. But the same issue arises on the 2nd setup. I want the inside piece that will be cut loose to be hidden.

Not sure if that functionality is in fusion, but it sure would come in handy!

@anon68752607 I get what you’re saying, but I don’t know that it’s possible. I know you can set the transparency of the stock if that will help.

I fear you are right. Would be a useful feature though.

Sorry, I don’t have input on this matter…

another one:

No V-bits in the library???

I’m using the tapered mill with a tip radius of 0 now, but it just doesn’t sit well with me…

Chamfer Mill


OK I’ll take a look. Thanks!

Ok that worked way better. Spent all day measuring my cutters an populating my tool library… :sweat_smile: