Fusion 360 Challenge!

So hey everyone I have a little fun challenge for you

Top of part geometry only as pictured

I have this file that I am working on and I know that it can be improved the fastest that I have gotten the cycle time to be is 9 min 11 seconds using the settings you see in the picture

Here are the rules:
the feedrates can not change from whats in this picture and the geometry of the part can not change either and thats pretty much it anything else can change lol

I can’t give anything away but I thought that this would be a fun challenge for anyone willing to give it a try

here is the file:
Bottle Cap Frame challenge v2.f3d (147.2 KB)

Have you upped the helix ramp angle on the linking tab from the default slow 2 to something higher? I’m using 20 these days.


in my version of the 9 minutes 11 seconds time I am running at 10 degrees

have you had any problems with 20 degrees on a .125" end mill?

Not to so far, but recently I’ve been cutting soft pine.


BTW, the machining time estimate is total fiction in Fusion because they don’t model travel time well. For operations like a parallel finishing operation which has almost no travel time they are pretty dead on, but for everything else they get way off very quickly. Apparently there is not yet a way to configure travel move speeds in Fusion, but that is planned for the future.


I have found that by changing this setting

Feed Scale

I have been able to dial in to pretty dang close but yes it does change for different operations I have realized to

The setting right below it looks pretty relevant as well, I wonder if that’s new since I ran into this.

yeah I am not sure when that came out but I know my machine can rapid o 1200 ipm but like in this job the rapid time is only 9 seconds so is it really worth it? not sure to be honestly

I always seem to watch mach3 and it really never reaches 800 ipm only on long rapid moves to another part of the table


nope didn’t change the ipm (that was in the rules lol)

but yes I switched tools to a bigger one and went full depth on the roughing operation