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FUSION 360 design to carving for dummies

I finally received my machine on 10/22/2021. (Ordered 12/05/2020). I’m a 2-d guy who’s finally got a grasp on 3-d design in Fusion 360. I’m swallowing a lot of pride in coming here but I am clueless as to how to get a design in Fusion to the machine. I’m probably overlooking something simple but I just can’t put my finger on it. It seems every tutorial or info page is a shade different from the current version. 2-d cutouts aren’t a problem but I’m having difficulties seeing visualizing the steps between 3d design and carving. Like any 48 year old ADHD kid with a brand new CNC router, I have a million “brilliant” ideas and designs in my head but can’t find the ignition switch for blastoff. Any info or links are greatly appreciated. Don’t be afraid to tell me to keep searching the net if the answers I am looking for are more complex. Thanks.

I attached a picture of my workstation in progress. It has castors but is currently leveled up on blocks while I settle on what I want for leveling feet. The bench is free unistrut I salvaged from a commercial job. I wanted the ability to modify/change things on the fly. The drafting cabinet, which I found on the curb on garbage day, makes for unbelievable storage. as for the studded walls, if I can make enough money with this thing, my girlfriend won’t b*tch about the basement not being finished. lol.


It actually is not to tough of a process to setup F360 to export properly for Easel, you just need the correct post processor…

Here’s the other Video that I referenced within the custom video above, it was my first ever video, so Don’t judge the video quality, at least i got all of the steps included… :laughing:


Thanks for the quick response. I’ll check it out without judgment!

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What kind of stuff are you designing? Or are you just using Fusion for toolpaths?
If you have a file you can share, it might help with any questions you have.

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I made a 3-d half circle just to get a grasp on the basic process. One of the directions I’m leaning is modeling forms for concrete designs where I can create sink molds, precise grooves for inlays, etc. so cross sectioning will come into play due to the limitations on the z axis. To provide prospective, I’m that Field of Dreams nut job who bought this thing on the premise of “If you build, it they will come” mentality. Granted I do have experience in machine design and builds. I have several years of 2-cad experience (mainly control panel design/construction) and helped physically build several carbon fiber presses for the aircraft industry. I may do some minor aluminum milling if proper tolerances are feasible. For better or worse, I don’t lack confidence. Back in 2015, a friend and I swapped engines on a 1968 Cat D-6 bulldozer in the middle of the woods using youtube and bulldozer forums so we could clear 2 acres, dig a pond, and build a 2000’ driveway so I’m no stranger to digging into complex problems. I just feel like I’m missing a simple step or two and it’s pissing me off. lol.

circle v4.f3d (120.8 KB)

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Hold tight on anyone wasting time responding to my questions. Working through Seth’s instructions now. Thanks

@SethCNC Thanks for the info on the leveling too. I wondered if leveling made a difference after the build and plaining of the waste board. I do need feet as the casters don’t provide enough rigidity but I have more flexibility now that it doesn’t have to be perfectly level. Thanks.

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I think I’m getting the concept. Will report back later. Thanks!

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