Fusion 360 into Easel Issue

Im on a Mac M1. I design in F360 to route some holes in 6mm MDF with 1/8" flat end mill.
I export GCode using F360 with Easel Post Processor.
I import GCode into Easel, and can see the tool path. Looks good.
I try putting the header or not putting the header that Easel suggests.
I set my position to start, all looks good
I hit start and as soon as the router gets to the start point, it makes a tiny move, and stops.
I’m looking for some advice as to what I may be doing wrong.
I selected the generic Autodesk CNC that I think suits the Xcarve. That may be my issue.
Or the post processor needs to be modified…I don’t know how.
Anybody have any insight?

Thank you!