Fusion 360 machine files

Has anyone created a machine file for the X-Carve Pro 4x4 that can be imported into Fusion 360?

I don’t have an X-carve pro, but I’m curious. Why do you need a machine file?

Have you generated G-code in Fusion?

Yes, frequently.
You don’t need to set up a machine profile. I’m not sure what value it brings to users of these types of machines in small shops.
The simulations are cool, but not worth the hassle.
You just post process with an appropriate post processor and use that gcode with your sender of choice.

Looking in Fusion, it seems as though it will bring in the actually machine capabilities for the generation of the G-Code. It doesn’t look like it is needed but it might be beneficial. Hard to know without the machine files

Your tools carry the feeds and speeds.
It might be helpful for avoiding fixtures and multiple setups, but all of that would have to be modeled accurately for that to be of use.
Anyway, you don’t need a super accurate model to test. You’ll need a model and the machine configuration.

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