Fusion 360 Machine Library

Hi Brains

Im trying to create something in fusion that they will go to my X Carve. I loaded the bits that had been created by another user (awesome thank you) but has anyone created the X carve machine yet for the Fusion Machine Library?

Thanks… I looked around and everything seems to point to the tool library, not the machine library.


Hey Mark,
Is there a reason you want to add the machine definition? When that feature was added, I looked at it and it didn’t seem worth the hassle.

Wasn’t sure if I needed it. I seem to be able to work without it… I think I agree with you that it’s just decoration.


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I think there might be value if you have multiple machines to manage or if you’re always machining one material.
Happy to help with getting you going in Fusion if you need it.

Thanks. I can always use more help with Fusion. Extremely deep. I decided today I was going to make a simple project. Dust off my fusion to easel brain… so…

Decided I liked this…

So made it for myself using fusion …

Just a quick one day project.

Realized a couple of key things…

Need to reflatten my waste board
Need to make tabs twice as deep
Had clamps too close and at one point the dust shoe got caught on it.

Thanks for reaching out… no doubt I will have questions.



Hey Mark,
I know this is not super on topic, but to keep my waste board a little longer I usually put a 1/8in hardboard on it. There is a file somewhere in easle that gives you the locations of the holes, and with pre-drilling them you can make yourself an easy shield for the wasteboard.

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