Fusion 360 question and Batmobile 3D carve

From previous projects I have cut fusion seems to only cut what it can reach in the cam. The visualized tool path should show what will and will not be cut. I know you asked for a expert and that ain’t me.

Sorry for the poor wording I was sleeping at the desk earlier and had just woke up when I responded.

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You might be better off downloading the trial version of Meshcam and using that to carve it.

The Meshcam trial is full featured and will generate Gcode for 15 days. Not sure what Aspire or Cut3D allow with the trial version.

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It will only generate the areas it can reach with your selected bit. You can also simulate the cut and it will visualize the remaining stock for you.

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Maybe repair it in MeshLab then import it as an STL into your cam software.

Very cool rendering! :sunglasses: I’m watching your progress with keen anticipation…

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Why didn’t you run the finish pass for it?

Did you wind up making an STL file for the model?

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Dude, that is SWEET! Is this the ubiquitous Pinewood Derby car where the Dad “helps” the kid? :sunglasses: I CAN’T WAIT! My son is only a little over two years old. Maybe I’ll start stockpiling cars for him…

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I have never used SolidWorks, can you convert a step file to STL?

Can’t wait to see it! :sunglasses: Walnut is a great choice. Are you going to ebonize it with vinegar and steel wool?

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Interesting. I always use boiled linseed oil on walnut.

Your project has made me think about cutting out a profile so the car can be mounted on its side and then the wheels, details, etc. can be milled also. Now that I think about it, one cut out flipped over will do both sides. Hmmm… I’m fascinated by flipping stuff to do the other side of things, whether they’re spoons or batmobiles.


Wow, nice! Did you hand carve the fins?

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That looks great! Now do the Mach 5!


Ugh I have been trying to wrap my head around how to do the 3d batmobile, but I have just run out of time… sucks I really wanted to do it but trying to learn a new software on a time crunch is not a good combo.

I don’t have VCarve. I was able to import it to Fusion 360, but that is as far as I have gotten. prior to that I had not even opened the F360 program. I will get to it… it just wont be for the derby tomorrow