Fusion 360 quickies series

I am making a video series for fusion 360 of just short to the point quick tips. Videos will be added weekly until I feel there is enough content. If and when possible I will do request as long as it is something I know how to do because like most others I am a noob at this and decided to share the knowledge I gain. Not everything I do is the correct way to do it but as long as it works that’s how I will be doing it until I learn more.


Great idea, but I couldn’t get any of them to play…

Not sure why they will not play for you. Did you try clicking the youtube link at the bottom of the player? I’ll try it on the other computers in the house.

Seems to be working now…

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This is pretty cool. I started working on a video similar to this the other day, but only got as far as writing out a basic script. Was going to show how to set up fusion, and three ways to make a simple object like you did (one was lofts), and then setting up the cam. It got much more involved than I wanted, and I haven’t had time to get back to it.

Glad to see someone is making some small ones.

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I make them when the xcarve is running gives me something to do. As for scripting I just do the operation and think aloud then if it went ok I record and repete the operation.