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Does anyone have a Guideline as to what settings to use for the Inventables Carving Bit Settings in Fusion 360 with an 1000mm X-Carve 2.0 and a DeWalt 661 Spindle?

I’m lacking even the most basic information on this particular topic so yea…

The first projects I’m planning to do are things like a MDF Casing for the SSR Relay controlling the DeWalt 661 and a Plexiglas Dust Shoe. Sometime later Aluminium reinforcement brackets for the ever so popular Y-Axis Stiffening MOD.

Thanks in Advance =)

In Fusion360 you just insert the same values during the CAM setup, such as bit size/feed rates/ rpm etc.

I guess I wasn’t asking the right Question… ;D

What I meant was: “Where does one get the Bit Size/Feed Rates/RPM’s from?”

The Inventables Carving Bit Shop Page has, at best, only vague information about what a Bit can be used for and what settings to use them with. When I enter a Bit into the Tool Library I see it automatically generating some presets but can these be trusted for a DIY Machine the Software doesn’t even have information about?

So far the only assumption I have is that the lowest RPM setting I can set the Spindle to is 16’000rpm and the Dimensions/Characteristics of the Bits which is what I populate the Tool Library with but everything else? shrug

Apparently I managed to create two accounts… Ah well… :wink:

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This is a good read on the subject:

Shapeoko Material Chart, guideline:

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