Fusion 360 users please help

So in the last week I’ve boned up on Fusion 360 3D skills. I’ve used autocad 2d for 22years. Never went to 3D due to lack of need. So now I have a bunch of parts I want to cut. My problem is that my tool paths in CAM are either non-existent or carves parts from a solid rectangle (a lot of material clearing). See pic to see part I’m trying to cut. Can’t I set it up to just cut path around the perimeter? Can someone help me in the setup and creating tool paths?

Yep, you can do that easily. You need to create a new setup first thing, so you can specify your stock size and where your zero on the stock is.

i ran to the liquor store. Need some libations to get the kinks worked out. Either me or the software. I’ll post the setup I’m using when I get back.

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Thanks Dan. OK. Back on the “job”. My final material will be 1/2" acrylic and polycarbonate. I have about 50-60 or so total parts to cut and assemble. I will be working with 1/2 MDF until I get the process worked out. See attached setup.

After playing around with this for a while, I figured that using contour worked. All the tutorials I was watching and reading said pocket clearing. Wow. So easy now.

Thanks to #BulleitRye

Wow, that’d do it! Good work getting it sorted. I love Fusion, it’s really handy. I do almost all my modeling and programming in it now.