Fusion 360 video series?

I am thinking about doing a youtube series called fusion 360 quick tips. they will be uncomplicated short vids just showing a single operation. I see alot of fusion vids and they seem to get complicated and most people I have been speaking with are just looking on how to do one operation why sit through a 15min to 30 min tutorial when all you were looking for was how to make a hole in a solid. I if i get enough likes and comments to show a need for this then I will start making the vids.


I’d love something like that, run with it and I’ll give you a shout-out if/when I use F360 in one of my videos.


anyone know of any desktop video capture software i have tried a few so far without much luck. this is the only thing stopping me at this moment from starting videos.

I use SnagIt, but it takes an extra step to convert from the original MP4 to an MP4 that works with my editing software.

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Thanks i will give it a try.

Lol just found out autodesk has screencast that can be added to fusion 360. I found it while searching for a issue I had with snagit.

Ok I know they need some refining but here is a sample set of vids. Open to criticism but don’t beat me up too bad I gotta start some place.

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Nice, that’s a great start. Do you think you’re going to do full project videos, or just tips/tricks? Or both?

If all goes well I may get into full projects. my grandfather has a huge collection of wood working patterns he made for things he made years ago most of witch the parts would easily fit on a 1000mm xc. He made alot of items for 12-20inch dolls like cribs chairs and such that I plan on digitizing. for years he was the wood worker and I was the metal fabricator and now I think it’s time for some wood working. the one thing I would like to start making are metal panels for pie safes he has well over 100 patterns for them. So after cutting sheet metal signs with the xc I think I could do reproduction pie safe tins I know it sounds crazy but people round here go nuts trying to find one let alone a whole set.

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Sounds interesting, I can’t wait to see them. I’ve been looking at a LOT of woodworking patterns from 80’s and 90’s woodworking magazines to get some ideas for videos, so I can well imagine the type of patterns he has.