Fusion 360 z offset

I just got my X-Carve built and have done a few Easel-based carves with great success. Now I’m trying to get Fusion 360 working.

I’m using the Easel post processor, and the g-code import functionality. I’ve done the CAM setup, and run the simulation in Fusion 360 and everything looks good.

When I went to do the actual carve though, I found that X-Carve raised the bit by an amount apparently equal to the thickness of the part (so the part was 18mm thick, and the first layer carve was 18mm above the surface of the part).

I’ve done a bunch of searching (and am continuing to do so) but I haven’t yet been able to find any posts with similar issues. Does anyone have any advice or pointers for me?

It sounds to me like your Z home position is set in the bottom-left-underside of of the stock box in Fusion, instead of the bottom-left-top? That would cause the observed behaviour, anyway. Probably not the ONLY way to get it, but a possibility.

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Thanks for the response Dan! I’m still learning the CAM portion of Fusion, but if you are talking about setting the Work Coordinate System, then yes, that is set that to the bottom-left-underside (at the surface of the waste board). I’ll change it to the bottom-left -top tonight and let you know how it goes.

Ah, think you have your cause there, then! Because when you’re zeroing your tool, you are probably doing so off of the TOP of the stock, which Fusion now thinks is the bottom surface. So, the cutter will raise up to the stock thickness plus the safety height, move, and start cutting. If true, the very LAST pass should be just barely touching the stock surface in your current program. :slight_smile:

Let us know how it turns out!

That makes perfect sense Dan. I still have a lot to learn about the CAM stuff in Fusion 360, but I’m enjoying the journey. Thanks for the help, and I’ll definitely let you know how it comes out! :slight_smile:

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That solved the issue - thanks Dan! Now I have to move on to resolving some issues that came up during the carve (probably due to a waste board that’s not level, and usage of a less-than-desirable end mill, but that’s a topic for another section of the forum).

Excellent! Glad that worked out! :slight_smile: Every carve is a learning experience!

could I see som pictures here? It looks like I have done the same thing in my setup. but not sure if I understand how it should be.

seems I got it working :slight_smile: thanks for this topic. that helped alot

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