Fusion 65mm mount

I have created this mount for my system and 3d print this mount I created.
It has the holes for the dial indicator mount you can get off of Thingiverse.
I am not a engineer or cad person. I am learning.
If you want to constrain the sketches its up to you.
I am giving this away for those who want to use the same metal plate I did and have the dial indicator mount holes.
You will have to tap the holes to work with the screws or use inserts. Its up to you.
Here is what the mount looks like:

This is the plate used with the mount:

Here is the file in fusion format:
Mount_65mm v7.f3d (242.0 KB)

Thanks to Inventables for such a great hobby machine.

This is the smaller mount:

Here is the one for the smaller plate.

Mount_65mm small V6.f3d (242.6 KB)

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