Fusion360 CAM Setings?

I’d like to hear from people who have used Fusion360 to generate gcode. What CAM settings have you found that work well for wood or aluminum on your X-Carve? I’m in the process of experimenting with all the settings that are available now and would like to corroborate my research.


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What in specific are you looking for? I use F360 for nearly all my programming, all in wood. :slight_smile:

Hi Dan,

I’m having trouble understanding several things. Under the 2D options, what types of cuts are best suited for woodworking, ie adaptive clearing, contouring, etc? Then under speeds, the lead in, lead out and ramp settings - should I use them? If I do, what are sensible values to use in them?


A lot of that is going to depend on precisely what you’re trying to do. You will find a lot of debate on here about correct feeds and speeds, etc, for woodworking. With a quarter-inch bit, I generally use ~40-60ipm, with a 1/4" stepdown and a .080-.100 stepover for pocketing, with the router cranked to max and a two-flute upspiral. I set all my leads and ramps to the same speed.

Generally I do two passes in pockets, I use an adaptive clearing for the first pass, leaving .020 material on both length and width, then do a standard pocketing path to clean it up at a somewhat lower speed. I usually repeat the finishing pass once. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Dan, that’s exactly the information I was looking for. I’ll do some test cuts later today using these as a starting point to experiment with.

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