Fusion360 to X-Carve (for a Mac user)?

What’s the best way to get designs in Fusion360 to the x-carve? I use a Mac, so would need a Mac only solution.

I figured there has to be a way, but surprisingly, the Youtube God didn’t really have anything…

You folks must know!

Thanks in advance.


If easel can’t do it (which I think it can!) you can use http://chilipeppr.com/grbl .

I found this:

And then this:

That should get you there (disclaimer: I haven’t done it myself… yet)

I send all Fusion360 toolpaths through Easel. It will show you the toolpaths before cutting anything if you’ve imported correctly.

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I do the same.

I am also on Mac, design in F360 and generate tool paths for my carve in F360, with the appropriate Easel post processor (PP). You can find this @ https://inventables.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2332499-installing-a-fusion-360-post-processor-on-a-mac?b_id=9563

Then import the gcode exported from F360 into Easel and use Easel as the gcode-sender.

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Thanks all… I have been exporting gcode from F360 to Easel with good success, just needed the right post processor. Appreciate the help.