G code files (How to create 3D objects)

I don’t know anything about creating 3d files. I have seen that easel can import g code files and those files are what does 3d carving. Where can I find these files. I have googled it but finding actual files instead of pictures has proven difficult. I don’t know what fusion 360 is or all these other programs.

You create 3D gcode files from 3d drawings. A common format is STL ( stereolithography). Various software packages convert the drawings to the Gcode. Fusion360 is probably the one most here seem to use. I’m more old school and use Rhino3d and Meshcam. Once you have g code, you import or load it into Easel. There are some places which will have 3d drawings like Grabcad if I recall.

Never use someone else’s Gcode. You don’t know what machine or settings were used. Always create your own from the STL file and import it

Although generally good advice to new users, there are plenty of ways to check gcode and make sure it’s safe to run on your machine.