G-Code Import Feature Released

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to post an announcement that the “G-Code Import” feature that had been in early access for a while is now available for all users.

You can refer back to the original topic for more information about how to use this feature:



It’s perfect.

I machined yesterday. It works very goods

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Does the g-code import feature need to be downloaded or is it just there to use? I am just getting started with the x-carve and a bit overwhelmed with the learning curve. I have Vcarve Pro and hope to get to making chips this week.

My laptop died. I got a new desktop and my questions are. I’m using V carve pro and was using UGS. Does the new G code by Inventables work as well? Or should I keep using UGS? Thanks

I draw in Illustrator, export .PDF under VCarve Pro, exports in G-Code (special format easel) and I plant under Easel. It works fine.
Easel, do me for sending the G-Code.
V-Carve Pro, do me for export to G-Code (Easel)
Maybe one day, Illustrator can export and send the G-code :grinning:

Thanks for adding this!

I am trying to import a gcode file from Aspire that I saved using the post processor I downloaded from Easel. When I go to Easel to do the import, I am getting this error:

I see why … since your spec doesn’t have G2 as a supported command. One of my vectors on the project I created using the Aspire circle tool and I though that might be it, since G2 seems to be related to drawing an arc, but when I removed it and tried to reimport, it didn’t work.

Any ideas?

(Edit: Yes, I saw this comment “Only linear movements are allowed (arcs must be linearized).” in the specs. Any ideas on how to linearize it in Aspire)


I am having problems with Vcarve & Carvey.

keep getting told my design is under my smart clamp but as you can see it is far clear from it.

I have made several other designs more to the right far away from the smart clamps and the error still persists, any idea why?

Pocket 1.nc (1.0 KB)
Quick Engrave 5.nc (28.2 KB)

how do you add an offset (different start point) in raw g-code? It is needed for the carvey

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