G-code Import function

Okay so I’ve been speaking to @Zach_Kaplan about this idea, he suggested I post it in here for the dev team to read.
Let me start off by saying I know that Easel is supposed to be simple and easy to use. And for anyone new to CNC, easel is a great tool. Its not optimized for complex parts and the tools arent available for it to design them.

I have been having a lot of issues with software to control my X-carve. The milling I want to do isn’t something I can do in easel. I do technical drawing inside of Solidworks, export to DFX. I then open the DXF inside of cambam to generate my G-code. This works very well for me.
The issue is Universal Gcode Sender. It is not optimized for X-carve. I find it impossible to home, get alot of errors with the homing/reset zero commands, and quite often I find that my Zero has moved after a file has finished. this makes 2 part cuts impossible to line up.

The solution? Allow us to import our own G-code (.nc) files into easel to run them. This gives us the great controls easel provides for the machine, it allows us to home the machine correctly and it also makes it possible for us to design parts in software that is able to what we need. I would really love to be able to export my G-code from cambam, log into easel and upload my code. It really would be the best of both worlds.

Thanks, Jamie



I have been playing with Chilipeppr, but, this would be nice.


yey support :slight_smile:

i can get behind this as i’m starting to have issues as well. i’m considering trying chilipepper but have been to busy running my projects to go off and play around with either linux cnc or chilipepper. one thing i might add is easel linux support? because linux ftw

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I also like this idea.

I’m more than happy to fiddle with software and have a toolchain a mile long but my wife isn’t. Easel suits her because it hand holds you through the process without any complex CNC talk (I like it too).

So if I could set up a complex task, e.g. a job doing V-carving etc. but could import and store it in Easel for later recall, she could easily do the more complex jobs without having to become familiar with complex software and would also allow more complex tasks to be easily repeated.




This would be ve helpfull as I export gcode from easel anyway would be nice to import them again

thats what I do too, would just love a controller that supports the X - carve

FrankDaSerra am I understanding you correctly by saying that Easel will export gcode? I am new to the forums and have yet too find a straight answer.

Yes. Go to Machine, then Advanced.

Yes corrrect

Hey guys, the dev team asked for feedback about this feature on another thread, so I’m going to close this and ask that everyone read the dev teams questions and answer them if you want to help us make this feature!

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