G-Shield Axis Wiring Problems - they are loose and pull out

I am trying to complete the wiring on the g-shield, but the screw clamps do not hold the wires from the different axis well enough, and on my picture, you’ll notice my y-axis wiring will not hold in the g-shield at all. It just keeps popping out after I screw them in.

I know I can’t be the first person to have issues with this, and I would have thought with the vibrations that might have occur that this would have been designed differently. What solutions are there to get this fixed? I feel that I cannot complete this without having a replacement g-shield as the screws don’t see to keep anything in place, and even if I did magically get them in there, any form of movement could just pull them out.

Not sure what to suggest regarding the clamping force on the gshield, but I noticed on mine that they are rather delicate. I had similar issues with mine. Is it possible the clamping mechanism came apart internally? or got stripped out with repeated attempts to make the connection? It is suspicious that you are having trouble with just one of the blocks. Contact with the help desk at Inventables would seem to be in order.

Once I got mine in and secure enough to stay in place, I used a jumper from the gshield to a terminal strip, the one with two screws for each connection, mounted to a my power supply board and then connected the stepper cables to avoid ANY stress to the G.S. terminals.

I had the same problem and was very worried about the durability of the connection so I did the following to remedy this issue. I used 20gauge wire ferrules to connect to the board. from there i have it connected to a couple of terminal blocks like what are on the machine itself. This way the wires are static and never have to move. From that connection, it connects to another terminal block which connects to the machine. I am much more comfortable with how it is connected now and am not worried about the wires popping out.

Hope this helps.

Yes, I sent them a message today to address the issue. The wires just popped out by themselves, and they were secure before. They just continue to keep coming out.

I’m hoping they have a solution because right now it seems like it will not pinch and hold the wires at all, I’ve attempted to have them hold the wires multiple times now, and they just keep falling out.

Thanks for your advice/experience, the other wires I have in there seem to be somewhat easily pulled out as well, but at least they are still holding.

@AbearDesign do you have pictures of this? would like to see what you did. Thanks again for the help.

@AngusMcleod thanks for the advice, I am tempted to solder them today, just trying to see what everyone is doing to address this before I do. I know my other connectors seem somewhat loose as one of the wires just popped out just from some small movement, which has me concerned because I know there will be vibrations. I wish they were not screw clamps, b/c I’m sure they will continue to get looser and looser the more interactions that occur just through natural handling of moving things around or cutting.

It’s a start, but i will be making a torsion box table and redoing the entire workspace along with wiring. I have some aviation plugs I’d like to incorporate.

I also used spade terminal connectors at the terminal blocks for a more secure connection.

@AbearDesign thanks so much for sharing what you did to address the issue, that does help a lot, going to be ordering some things, I’m sure this would help others in the future too

Glad to help! As a note, the block that connects to the controller is screwed down so there is no movement. if you look under the workspace thread, there are some pretty nice setups shown off.