Gagtek 4060 machine - Convert to use with Easel


I bought this machine from Aliexpress, Gagtek 4060 and it came with an offline Android machine that can load up Gcodes generated with other programs - (
I’m having many problems with it (like not cutting the right measurements) and wondering the easiest way to convert it to use Easel software live from the website, if possible.

I opened the controller box, and it seems to be some custom system so I guess I would need to buy a new controller. The blue image is the back of the screen and the red is what the stepper motors are plugged into.

Here is a video of how the current Android app works, it’s ok for what it is but for any minor changes I always need to make a new gcode which can be quite tedious.

This cable (Circled in yellow) runs from the controller over to the android board, right? where on the android board does it connect?

You should be able to connect that cable to a computer and then be able to use Easel with the CNC and simply unplug the Power going to the Android board (maybe)…

That cable goes to here on the Android computer. I guess it’s just a USB out from the controller into the Android machine. There is some custom Chinese Com port app controlling this.

So maybe I just need to get me a new cable with USB-A on one end and connect to that port on the controller, that simple… maybe… hopefully… :smiley:

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What’s the USB controller? Maybe labeled U7. Is it a CP2102?

I need to rip it apart again to see if there is something on the back but on further inspection of the photo, I can see something marked “C3 Motion Mainboard V2.0” from JINGYAN.

Yeah, based on the wiring color and the label on the cnc controller board, it may be a simple usb port and simply needs the 3 wires connected to a usb cable.

I would check if 5v is always present, if it is, then leave the red wire disconnected…

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I’m talking about this IC chip.

And, like Seth said, you won’t need the 5V line. You don’t want your PC to power the board.

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I will mix some connections tomorrow and try this. Would be great to boycott this Android machine as it does random things now. Already broke 2 bits just because it decided to zero 5cm below the home point.

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