Gah! belt broke

GAH!!! Belt broke in mid carve… (insert many many many swear words here)

and before someone says it… nope, no back ups… :frowning:

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It must have happened when I upgraded the Y plates… grrrr

why would the Y plates cause a belt to break?
I have Charlie’s plates and have no problems.

Sorry… not what I meant. When I replaced the plates, I likely overlooked the placement of the belts… not suggesting it was the fault of the plates. I merely meant that when I loosened and tightened the belts, I likely caused something…

Does anyone know if this will replace?

I will throw caution into the wind and give it a whirl.

I know they work and they feel beefier since it’s the 3rd gen of the product.

Oh wait, you’re Canadian…ummm search for a Canadian supplier of that part number?

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Thanks all… will order the ones above and see what happens…

Always something, eh… :slight_smile:

Reading up on that very thing right now …

Next on my list … thanks

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You could always consider the screw drive conversion kit that another guy put together; gets rid of belts for good.

What?? No pics?

You know, misery likes company! :smiley:

And now I wait… :slight_smile:



Is it near an edge? If so, tape it up and flip it and avoid that area.

If it’s in the middle then well…