Gaining Steps Y-Axis

Hi all,

I just expanded my X-Carve to 1800mm (y axis) x 1000mm (x axis) and I´m having trouble calibrating steps/mm.

My problem is that instead of loosing steps, i´m gaining steps. For example, I command to move 400mm in y-axis, and the machine is moving 403mm as you can see in picture.
I already checked belt tension, accelerometer and v-wheels and can´t figure out what is the problem.

Please help!


Your steps/mm just needs to be adjusted.

Assuming it’s the stock 40 steps/mm, your new steps/mm should be 39.702.

It happens.

Hi Justin,

Where do I change those parameters?

Search the forum for “Calibrating steps/mm” and you’ll see plenty of posts on it.

It’s a GRBL setting.

thanks a lot