Game of Thrones!

The new season is starting on April 24!

Here is the Stark Crest I just carved to be sure I am ready.

Now I need to find an STL of the Lannister Crest.


I found some 4" x 4" X .5" marble squares at the flooring store for 18 cents apiece, so naturally I bought some to see how they would carve.

Marble carves really nicely! (I guess that’s why they use it to carve statues)

I want to call this a coaster, but my wife tells me that a coaster needs to be able to absorb moisture. So beats me what it is, I still like it.


That looks good…might have to find me some marble.


Tried again with a .125 endmill to clean out the larger sections


would you be willing to share the g-code or svg image?

Here is the SVG. I had to rename it to end in .txt so I could attach the file. After you download it change the extension back to .SVG before you try to use it.

lannister 12x12.txt (93.4 KB)

Nice!!! What type of bit you used. Thanks

I used a 1/4 inch endmill for area clearing and a 60 deg vbit for detail pass

Thanks, just to be clear, that was used to carve the marble?

Yes that is what I cut the marble with, the 60 deg vbit was not even carbide, just HSS and it cut the marble like butter.

Thanks Allen for the information. I will try it.

Would you be willing to share your file for the direwolf?

Do you have Vcarve?

I don’t, but I do have fusion 360 which I think can use an stl.