Ganesh 3D Relief

Here my new relief
X-Carve 1000x1000
Wood: Fir
Bit: Ball Nose 2mm (radius) for entire work
Time: 3,5 hours
Dimension (in mm) 300x210x35
GANESHA.gcode (9.3 MB)

gcode attached (in mm)!!!

Starting point low left angle
tip spaced from a sheet of paper from the material

Hope you like and enjoy!


P.S a big thanks to @HaldorLonningdal for advice


very cool! I’d like to try this for my first 3d carve but

when I import it into easel I see almost a total field of blue or carved space, is this correct? See attached screenshot

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@JeffHunt, you’re removing a lot of material in that carve. Zoom in and look at the preview from different angles.


sorry for the time for the answer …

as he says @NeilFerreri1 his is normal; zoom it and you can see the figure.
Hope see your Ganesh, I whait!!!

See you.