Gantry not moving correctly on Y axis

I am trying to do a test carve. The last time I tried eveything moved ok on the x, y, z when I tested it pre-carve. The test carve didnt work as I found out later the belt on the gantry was too loose. The gantry moved quite a lot during the carve (the left side would go up on the Y, while the right side would go down on the Y) and I broke a bit.

So I tightened the belts. Pre-test cut I still have the same issue when testing the movement - The left side of the gantry will tweak up on the Y, while the right side goes down on the Y. I have rewired the controller in case anything was loose but it doesnt make a difference.

Any thoughts was be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Sounds like you need to reverse direction on one of the Y-steppers.
This is done by swapping over one pair of the stepper wires on one stepper.

On Y2, flip the green and black wire (per Xcarve manual). If your Y now move in the wrong direction, flip them back again and flip green/black on Y1

(it can also be reversed in software but wires are faster if one is unsure, but a prerequisite is both axis move same direction)

I flipped the green and black on the Y2.
Thank you so much… That’s just brilliant.

You are welcome, and happy carving :slight_smile: