Gantry runs away/won't home

Xcarve been running fine until a few minutes ago. I set XYZ zero going through the carve sequence and the gantry takes off to the far end of the machine ( both X&Y) on the carve command. Tried using manual XY choice and zprobe and the results are the same. I’ve checked all wires and cabling on both the machine and internal of the controller. All are secure. Also no longer homes unless the gantry is nearby the home zero.
Have noticed in previous cuts that using the last XY zero is hopeless. Ruined a few pieces before I abandoned this funcion.

Can you share your gcode?

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I’m not sure what g code is just yet. I’m very new with this stuff. I created a new project with the same file and I can report the file I’m using (svg) runs fine without marking holes. Just the profile runs ok.
How can I send the gcode? Screenshot?

Please take a look at my last two cuts. There is a gremlin in my machine somewhere. Once the cut finishes the gantry makes a hard right and
slams into the machine. I’m working on how to send the gcode

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