Gantry titled on x-axis

Hi All,
I’m having an issue where the gantry on my x carve isn’t sitting square on the x axis. The x-axis itself is square to the table as you can see in the photos. This is a brand new machine, so I cant imagine any wear and tear causing this to happen. Any ideas?

Shims would be a good idea, after you check all your v*wheels
and eccentric adjustments are nice and tight,

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Hey @DerekSnyder it appears that your Z axis assembly is mounted extra high, it also looks like the screws used to adjust this mount may benefit from some shims to take up that tram angle issue you are showing in those photos.
So lower the Z axis assembly to the point that your shorter bits can reach the wasteboard, and shim the upper area to remove that angle inaccuracy and you should be good to go.

IF you’re certain that you aren’t planning to carve thinner material and focus on thicker stock and/or always used long bits when carving thin stock, then lowering the z axis part can be skipped and just the shimming part…

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