Gantry - V Roller mounting holes misaligned

I’d like some input as to if anyone has come across this. The mounting holes for the V Wheels are not aligned with each other, making the spread too tight to fit the slide rail. I can get the gantry on, but even with the adjusters tweaked to max opening, it is really tight. Plus, the gantry doesn’t sit square.

Are the moutning holes correct or misaligned? Suppose I could simply redrill the gantry. Thoughts?

Based on this drawing:

The holes should be the same height above the bottom, 94.1 mm.

If not, call Inventables Customer Success and they’ll help.

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Thank you, that is what I suspected. Not even close

Wow. Good thing it didn’t go on. It would make a very long
“ I can’t get my X-Carve to cut cleanly “ post in the near future. You would never be able to tram that out.


I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there…

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I’m glad it didn’t fit, but was very obvious. It actually did go on, but it was obviously took more effort than should for a machine fit piece that needs to move effortlessly. Equally disturbing was the fact it didn’t fit square on the rail.

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