Garage Sign

Made this garage sign for myself, as you can see in the pictures, I am a big Ford fan. Made this out of a piece of Select White Pine from Lowes.


Very nicely done.
Sorry to hear about that Ford affliction though. :grin::wink:

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great sign and nice finishing, could you give a brief run down on your painting and finishing


Here is the video of me making it.


Nice work Dave, I’ve had you subscribed on youtube for a while now.

Are you able to provide me with a link to the exact bit you use on most of your carves. I have seen you reference an Amana 90 deg a couple of times.

Is it this one?

Yes that is the one, they work great

I use the same cutter.
It works great and the inserts are cheap enough too.

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@DavidDHoard So I picked up this router bit and its working pretty good but I seem to have more chip out in the thin areas (cutting pine) than I did with my 60 degree that I was using previously.

Would you be able to share your speeds and doc settings?



Tim, I usually run a 40 ipm with a depth of .08 per pass.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot like that.

Tim I also forgot and made a cleanup pass on the v-carving as deep as the cutter will allow. Aspire let me set it at .344 deep, this helps clean up some of the lines