Garage signs

My friend has a barn he is converting to a garage (complete with hydraulic hoist) and I figured he needs some wall art. I went with a vintage 1970s racing vibe: This is all layered and glued with CA glue/accelerator. Originally i had the 76 sign as a single model done as a 3D carve in 1" MDF, but the x-carve kept crashing about halfway through (grrrr with some weird error), so eventually to get this job out, went with layered MDF. The letters were done with a laser and the big part with the x-carve. I may redo the 76 one to be scaled with the Esso sign. Might do a tire one next.

This is all cheap MDF from Home Depot with krylon spray paint.

I learned a lot about building a stencil to hold the letters in place (and not glue the letters into the stencil…I realized I need to add a second layer to the stencil to grab the outside of the sign to align to the sign not just to the text-baseline.


They look great! I’m sure he will like them on walls.