Gcode-depths-to-shades not working?

Hi all,

I usually use gcode-depths-to-shades from Austin Saint Aubin for laser engraving in my X-Carve, but it seems that it’s not working now :frowning: it only appears a “loading…” message. Anyone has a similar app that could be used?


Laser grbl this is good for x controller

@FedericoToro I just tested it… seems to be working fine. Try clearing your browser cache, or using a different browser. Also look at LightBurn.

ok good sorry I understand and thank you for your recommendations but I do not pay for any program to use my cnc machines I have 2 laser and a router and I do not pay to use any?

I made Gcode-depths-to-shades as a free option for people who like to use easel and similar software, and also wanted to laser engrave. However, this method is limited in what it can do. So if you need / want to be able to do more, the best option that I have found to Laser work with the X-Carve is LightBurn, but that is just my personal opinion.

Ok no problem

Thanks a lot!! now it´s working