Gcode export issue

I am a new user to Easel. Created my first project yesterday. Set up my 3018 in the machines tab. But I can not seem to export the gcode properly to UGS. When I export the gcode that is sent is only a generic 100mm square single pass.
I have deleted my machine and reconfigured a new one, but to no avail.
Any thoughts

When I had my 30-18 I ran my gcode directly into the machine, same with my Onefinity, I download the gcode directly into the machines processor.

I was really hoping to not run it off of Easel. I have UGS set up nicely and it works quite well.
I should be able to export the gcode regardless I would think.

At the risk of topic drift, since I have never used UGS, why would I want to?
What benefits would I get by introducing another computer layer. Should I be using it?

Hi Wade. You certainly can export from Easel and use the g-code to carve in UGS. I do it frequently. If you are new to Easel, then I am going to assume that you are missing some things. First, look at the top right of Easel and see where you can choose your material and size. Make sure that it is at least as large and thick as what you want to cut, and the material type will determine just how fast Easel will choose for your feed and speed. You can also specify manually before you output your g-code. Select your bit as well, it is important. The Cut Settings will give you Easel’s recommendations, or you can select manual and input your own.

When you are ready, click Projects, and Download G Code. It will create a file based on what you have called it (or Untitled.nc if you have not) in your Downloads directory. Open this file in UGS, and cut away. Just an extra note, you will need to close Easel before UGS will talk to your machine, unless you had UGS open first.

Hi Anthony.
I use UGS because I like the extra detail of seeing what is going on. I can trace my carve without the spindle running and see exactly where it is going to cut, and I can avoid knotholes or other things that may affect the visual outcome of my carve. I can see where in the carve the bit is and where it is going next, which I find much more useful than a simple percentage point like Easel. Yes, you can use the Simulate in Easel, but it is not real time. UGS is. UGS also shows the exact positions of your XYZ, and you can go back to that point if you stop. UGS also has a console window where you can manually input code. UGS is also free, and will work on any machine. It is not a design program, and won’t replace Easel, so you are right in thinking that it is another ‘layer’ of software that you can choose to use or not. I have also talked in other threads about the ability to drill a mark at Work Zero with UGS that I cannot do with Easel, and when I am doing multiple stages and bit changes, UGS gives me the comfort to know that it is going to be right, where Easel is more hope and pray. lol.

Ok thank you for that, will give it a hard look when I get home tomorrow.

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