Gcode FOR Mach4 - Easel PP?

My makerspace is using Mach4 to run their AvidPRO CNC.

How can I export my Easel Gcode to be used in this MACH4 software. I’ve found the postprocessor for Vectric, but that doesn’t help me process my Easel created toolpaths for the Mach4 software.

How do I get my Easel project into Mach4?

In easel, click Project and then Download Gcode. It should open up in a download window on your screen. Save that to a thumb drive. Open it up in Mach from the thumbdrive. Mach can interpret more gcode commands than GRBL can. So you should be able to run easel made code but you may not run Vetric made code unless you use a Grbl PP. Mach is kind of like the Major league and Grbl is like the Minor league. Unless you are a machine shop, you probably can do whatever you need to do on Easel and Grbl.