Gcode pause resume question

I have a project where I want to setup a production line as I have many pieces all the same to machine.

I am making sash window frames and want to place a 2x2 into a jig, machine one side, rotate 90 degrees then machine the next side etc…

I want to create a single gcode file which machines, moves the router out of the way then pauses while I reposition the stock after each side until I manually resume.

In the past I have successfully used the DWELL function G4P15 which pauses for 15 seconds before continuing. I don’t really want to do this as I would like more control over when to restart.

Of course I could have 4 gcode files and send each one individually but wanted a more elegant solution.

I use UGS to send the gcode, I want the equivalent of the UGS pause button but in the gcode file.

Read this thread.

M0 or M1 should both trigger a hard pause which should work (you’dd have to enter a manual continue command to move on), but I’d actually recommend doing each face as a separate file, since it gives you more control if something goes wrong (power outage, need to shut down before running all faces, etc)

Thanks Guys

I like the idea of the free hold and cycle start buttons hard wired, I can combine these with a 10 second G4P10 command for my application. I will also have 4 seperate gcode files in case I want to run each job individually in case I need to perform a hard stop.

Got around to implementing this. Here is a video and picture of final result. alignment still requires some tweaking.

Can you elaborate? What requires the tweak?

On the curved end there is a slight difference in height. This is partly because I told the software that the workpiece was 44mm and it is actually 43.91. But more likely I need to have some force onto the workpiece in the -X direction to force it against the bump stop.

I will also use some aluminium foil to get the exact X position of the piece.

I will post again once these steps have been executed to show how accurate I can make it.

Any suggestions to help the accuracy would be most welcome.


Set width of piece to 43.91mm and altered design accordingly.

Found actual x center of piece by clamping aluminium either side of piece, used touch probe on each side and calculated actual x coordinate of left side.

Ran the job and compared results.





Job took

I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Perfect alignment.

Tweaks worked!


Well done.

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