Geared projects in Fusion 360 help

i have a few files of geared projects i wanted to attempt to make, one being a wine rack and the other a clock. ive tried loading them as an svg file since im not sure how to simplify a dxf into parts and save. problem is that i cant seem to get things to extrude into 32 since it wont select the parts i want in 3d. any help would be awesome

Do you have the file

that didnt quite work

my guess is that there are open vectors and im not sure how to join them in fusion

In Fusion, start a sketch, insert the SVG, then while still editing the sketch you can use the extend tool to extend any segments until they’d intersect another. You’re done when the inside of the gear changes color to indicate it’s a closed chain. Then finish the sketch and extrude.

cool. i think i got it in AI though.

this is the SVG file

Freaky, neither Inkscape nor Fusion 360 can read that svg file, don’t know what’s weird about it.

gear.123dx (421.4 KB)

gear.stl (2.0 MB)

Don’t forget the hole for the axle! Is that a Clayton Boyer gear?

Clayton has a practice gear that he gives away before you dig into the clock:

Simplicity’s Third Wheel and Pinion for practice (1).dxf (217.5 KB)


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got started on cutting gears. just did some tests on some cheaper plywood, but it seems to be ok. a question for those that have done this though…tabs or no tabs? i ran with tabs because i couldnt find my tape last night. kind of a pain on the gears with plywood. if you use tape, which do you prefer? i had issues with the bit catching on the tape before so im a unsure. my other question is for your cut paths in easel, do you do on path or outside on the gear edge? i wasnt able to get a tool path in fusion so i just loaded it up in easel. probably not the best but its what i have

Use tabs and cut outside of the line for the gear teeth and inside the line on the lightening holes and axle hole. Don’t waste time making the lightening holes pockets. Good luck and keep us posted! :sunglasses:

thats what i figured. i need to find the charger for my dremel to clean up tabs and maybe get cleaner cuts on the tabs so i dont split the ply layers

got a good number of items cut. had a little bit of tear out here and there, but not too bad. ive been using a 1/16 fish tail bit which seems to work well, but i wasnt thinking with the 1/2 ply so i gotta go back and cut some of those with a 1/8th bit.