Gears of War Lancer

So I just got a X-Carve last week, i found out i know nothing about CNC or wood at all. But i am used to Laser cutters and 3D printers so i am familiar with Vector and 3D modeling.

I made a Quick test cut in Easel, made this little coaster like thing after finding some Catan Board files on this forum.

Next i said to myself, lets try a 3D cut… remember i knew nothing about CNC/Cad…so i installed Fusion 360 and well i had a few Failures

but i keep at it, still dont know which bits to use for which cuts, but i rough with the bigger one and detail with the smaller one…:). so after some trial and many Errors i have my first few cuts done, with the 3 finishing soon.

I’m still a complete noob who only has had his machine for a week, but i am loving this thing and the forum has a wealth of information. So i wanted to say Hi, and also Show my “progress” from newbie to dangerous newbie.


Very nice! Cool project…:sunglasses: Not bad for only a week in. Can’t wait to see what you crank out next week!

Nice job and welcome! Did you create your Lancer model or download it from somewhere?

Not sure if this will help or not, but I’ve built similar models by building up layers of 1/2", 1/4",and 1/8" MDF: