Genarate G code Where has it gone?

Go to machine, click on advanced lower right of box that popped up when you selected machine/ advanced. click on generate g code then click on download g code.

This box is no longer there.
Now how do I save the G code?

After generating the GCode, you will need to hit the Export GCode button. At that point, Easel should trigger a download of the file and it should go into your downloads folder.


Brandon Parker

“Advanced” is now called “general settings”
Also “Generate gcode” is now gone and is a single button.
Also if its a 2 bit carve both gcode files will be downloaded at once inside a .zip file

So select machine>general settings, then select Download Gcode

OR you can do this with one less click by selecting Projects>download Gcode

More info about this change is in the easel help button at the top :+1:

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