Generating detailed preview

Why is it that every time I try and do a Generating detail preview I have to reload the project in order to see the detail preview and then I may have to do this over and over what’s going on here?

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large files take extra time, especially when you import them from another source.


This is just a text file I made in easel pro that is 20 x 11 1/4. I never had this trouble before

try rebooting your pc and clear you cache. also try a larger cutter.

have also been experiencing prolonged generating as of the past few weeks… this isn’t productive and I’ll probably be moving on

how long is too long? I’ve been waiting 45 damn minutes!!!

Any chance its a flat bottom pocket (a result of shalow depth setting) being carved with a vbit?

These reauire more stepovers and thus more computing power.

The colputation occurs on the users pc, locally, so if theres delays its usually a result of specific settings combined with the pc’s capabilities as a result of RAM and processing power…
Oh and Certain settings in firefox browser can allow the pc access to more ram than chrome/edge will, if the pc has enough of course…

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