Generating Paths Progress Bar Won't Close

Having an issue with Easel. I send a job to cut, a progress bar shows up “Generating Paths”, my job goes ahead fine, but the progress bar does not close, and I’m unable to pause or stop the job mid-work because of this.

Any ideas?

Hi @KenMcphee,

I’m sorry for the trouble. Is this happening with a specific project, or does it happen for you with any project? If it’s a specific project, could you share the link or give us (Inventables) permission to look it up? Thanks!

It seems to be on all the files

Generating Paths looks like done, Chrome having problem showing 3D image preview. You may want to work on Chrome setting, or try FireFox maybe.

Ah, interesting. Looks like we have a bug with closing the progress bar when the 3D preview isn’t available. We’ll get that fixed. Thanks!

Hi @KenMcphee, this should be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble—thanks for reporting it!

I am having trouble engraving text. I just received my Carvey machine today, and it was able to carve the demo successfully. But now I am trying to engrave some text with a 30499-01 bit, on 25255-01 material. The machine seems to be stuck at the “generating paths” step, I have let it run for as long as 20 minutes to see if it would eventually start carving… I started out using Firefox but switched to Chrome to see if that would work better. This is the project:

Basically what I am trying to do here, is try different milling depths to see what creates the best looking text. I looked for a phone number to call for help, but did not find one, so I am posting on here. Please help, I seem to be stuck.