Generating tool paths in Easel

Hello everybody. I’m new to Inventables & I’m trying to use this in an industrial environment.

I have a simple design I’m cutting, basically it is 6 boards with a single hole drilled in each board. I am cutting the 6 boards from one master blanck. I want to set the tool path to drill the holes first then cut out each board one at a time. I did a test run & it came out terrible.

I’m using autodesk to generate my file & inkscape to convert it to .svg.

How do I set the tool paths to cut in the sequence I want?

Easel doesn’t allow you to set the order of toolpaths as such. It’s been said that the front-to-back order of your shapes determines their cut order, but I haven’t had great luck with that.

However, Which autodesk product are you using to generate your file? Fusion360 has cam and g-code generation built in, so you wouldn’t have to go through the conversion process. Easel can import the g-code from Fusion360 and run it as a sender in case you don’t want to use a standalone sender like UGS.

When I want Easel to cut in a specific order, I have to take apart the design and perform multiple carves, one for each element. For instance, everything on the inside gets cut in one process and on the second Carve the perimeter of the item is cut out. These are saved as different files in easel.

I do not use Easel very much for complex jobs, but I seem to remember that you can use the “bring forward”/“Send Back” commands under the edit menu to force the order of cut.

The shapes closest to the “front” will cut first.